For this collaboration, Joël Andrianomearisoa responded to the invitation of Henri Van Melle and Jean-Luc Etievent, founders of Conquérant Spirit, producers of Gin in Normandy.
This is the story of a meeting at a party somewhere else. The moment of ecstasy passed, then he left. The solitude. The next day, like you and as always after the party, I was tired and a bit lonely. The tired and haggard being seeks a look, the look of the other. That other distant memory and the memory of a last kiss. Scenography of our solitude, the eyes seek the eyes, my mouth remains naked. The other left, the search for a new hope, a new intoxication. He would like to remember so much, to remember… To remember the taste, the time, this room, his place. Take a tear of antidote for a sentimental solitude. Hope! Hope! Hope ! I am alive !