Curator : Miguel Leal Rios

In this exhibition, Andrianomearisoa presents works that, in several ways, are declinations of the possibilities of constructing spatialities that, generated by a process of repetition, establish the several declinations of our lived space, which is anisotropic. In fact, this selection of large format pieces, and a sound work that reinforces the project’s spatial nature, proposes both an intensity based on repetition and a hapticity that emerges from the sensual sophistication of the rigorous choice of materials, from their achromatism, and from our craving to touch them.

Waiting for the seventh day that will bring us together in the rest hours of the night (2011) is a sculptural set composed of twenty-four elements on a wall, shaping a tension between its material (paper), its near-weightlessness and the massiveness created by repetition (the iteration of paper sheets). This tension is antinomic; repetition, mass and weightlessness op- pose in the creation of an interstitially that cuts across the entire exhibition.

© Bruno Lopes