In line with Joël Andrianomearisoa’s work and his recent artistic interventions based on evolution and constant change, such as the recent exhibition “Decay: An Ode to the Impermanent” at the Buro Stedelijk in Amsterdam, the Malagasy-French artist takes us on a journey through the history of his “Litanies des horizons obscurs” through 3 chapters during his presentation with Almine Rech.

First: the word. An emblematic figure in the artist’s work, the word is presented with the launch of a collection of poems, “Sentimental whispers”, in collaboration with Almine Rech Editions. This first chapter is complemented by the exhibition of three works featuring the artist’s verses.

© Nicolas Brasseur

The second chapter consists of three historic textile works. One set of 24 pieces ‘Labyrinth of Passions’ 2018, and a large piece ‘La Dérive des Sentiments II’ 2016. Joël Andrianomerisoa was awarded the 4th Audemars Piguet Prize for his work, ‘The Labyrinth of Passions’, exhibited at VIP ARCO-Madrid 2016, becoming the first non-Spanish artist to receive this award.

The third chapter is devoted to drawing. A medium that allows Joël to let himself be completely carried away by his intuition. These works, a selection of which was presented by the gallery at Art Brussels 2023, reflect the authenticity of the artist’s practice as well as his formal restlessness.

“Les Litanies des horizons obscurs” will round off this experience, during which visitors will live different stories through this evolving display. These textile pieces, presented at MACAAL in Marrakech, reflect Joël’s desire to return to the sources, as well as his interest in craftsmanship, by rediscovering ancestral techniques and bringing them to the forefront of contemporary art.