Curators : Jérôme Sans and Dina Baitassova

Racing the Galaxy brings together 20 artists from 15 countries, enriching each other and creating a new intercultural dialogue. The exhibition deals with the gradual dissolution of dichotomies between East and West, in the era of global communication and the confrontation and melting of cultures, referencing the idea that artistic forms travel, mingle and enrich each other, from one continent to another. Built around the concepts of instability, change and mutation, Racing the Galaxy gathers experiences, territories, continents and people. It reveals the ambivalence of migrating artists and motionless travellers, always taken between different states, different positions. 

Using silk paper or lamba, a ubiquitous fabric in Madagascar for garments and sometimes to shroud the dead, the artist’s iconic series The labyrinth of Passions is a metaphor for fragility as an essential life force. His superim-position of diverse silk papers in the space also provides architectural solidity to the work. Black becomes an ‘emotional fabric’, with its limitless nuances. Andrianomearisoa insist on intimacy and fragility in mapping out thoughts, emotions, and social realities in environments that are both flattering and misleading. His materials are raw but also exquisitely delicate, almost to the point of breaking in the chaos of experience.