Random desires for a certain kind of architecture was conceived during a studio master class that Andrianomearisoa gave to architecture students at Confluence Institute in Paris, in which the final exercise was to propose a project from a different approach to architecture, through alternative inspirations: a fragrance, a gaze, a taste, a piece of fashion design, … The artist decided to carry out the same exercise for this individual exhibition.

In Random desires for a certain kind of architecture Andrianomearisoa approaches architecture departing from emotions, words and moods, through pastel drawings, paintings, textile works and sculptures. The result is a surprising display of emotional rationalization, an exercise in balancing dualities, divided into three different acts: gesture, projection and volume.

© Sabrina Amrani gallery

The first part of the exhibition opens with pastel drawings, as a preliminary step to the materialization of an architecture, working first on flat surfaces and then elevating those concepts to three-dimensional structures. The drawings give way to vigorous paintings on canvas, where Andrianomearisoa introduces color in a furious abstract explosion of architectural projection, sentimental and nostalgic.

The exhibition continues with the new body of textile works Random Desires, which are executed by the artist as if architectural constructions, and somehow resemble building facades, with overlapping bricks and even windows. Using discarded and found fabrics, Andrianomearisoa knits architecture, weaves construction, and sews structures.

Finally, the volume is confirmed as one of the artist’s current interests in the form of seventeen sculptures of different sizes supported by a massive pedestal that dominates and occupies the space of the gallery, in a reaction of the artist to the very idea of ​​the gallery and its function. The sculptures convey texts in the three languages ​​that are part of the artist’s life: Malagasy, French and English, with the subtle and poetic lyrics signature of Andrianomearisoa.

Random desires for a certain kind of architecture answers the question of whether it is possible to make architecture from unconventional perspectives, randomly through time and through our desires, the desires of the world, an architecture for all.

Jal Hamad