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The studio is located in three geographies.
A first atelier in Paris, a second one in Magnat-l’Étrange and a third one in Antananarivo.
These three territories offer a wide horizon as a studio, an atelier and a laboratory of emotions.

Joël Andrianomearisoa

Timothée Ethis de Corny
Studio Manager . Paris

Zahra Rabeharisoa
Coordination and production assistant . Paris

Alexandre Gourçon
Design and social media . Paris

Patrice Sour
Production Manager . Paris

Barbara Cellario

Tahiry Razanadraibe
Administration . Paris

Rila Rasoavelomanana
Production Manager . Antananarivo

Finoana Malalaharivelo
Textile production . Antananarivo



At large

Amadou Bah
Designer . Paris

Aurore Lagabrielle
Architecte freelance . Paris

Baptiste Piguet
Graphiste freelance . Paris

Jean-Daniel Galisson
Graphic designer . Maison Sagan . Paris

Paul Zonza
Sound designer . Paris