To speak of melancholy is to speak of duality.

The duality of time.
The duality of emotions.
The duality of desires.
The duality of bodies.
The duality of our lives.

One day alive, one day dead.
One day smile, one day sadness.
One day here, one day in Antananarivo.
One day in, one day out.
A black day, a white day.

© Standing Pine

It is in the interstice of these dualities that Andrianomearisoa draws the meaning and the ardor of his work. Between the shadow of a black line and the light of white cotton, the work reveals itself. Here for his solo exhibition for the first time in two years in Nagoya, through textiles, he combines black and white but also draws an imprint in oil pastel on paper.

Vertical lines like the double beat rhythms of our heartbeats. Lines drawn sometimes straight sometimes interrupted like tears that flow without ever taking a single trajectory. Tears of joy or sorrow.

In this new proposal Andrianomearisoa transports us to his universe always filled with emotion. This emotion that he does not want abstract but always material like an infinite exercise. The materiality of emotions to be read without particular languages and above all without geography.

Joël Andrianomearisoa