For this second collaboration, Homaar is glad to invite Joël Andrianomearisoa. For Homaar, the artist creates a body of poetic and melancholic works :

  • 4 sweatshirts marked with sentences like ‘Would you like to die with me ?’ and ‘Take me to the end of everything’
  • 4 embroideries on fabric with messages such as ‘This fragile instant when everything changes’ 
  • A bouquet of black flowers claiming ‘Uncertainty is beautiful, but reassure me sometimes’.

In line with his previous work, as much in the concept as in the technic, statements about life are printed on a sweatshirt. Our contemporary difficulties are knitted on embroideries and romanticism and fragility are mixed into a sentimental object. Made in France, the artist wants for this Homaar collection to link our current global issues to our everyday lives. He challenges our perception of the world, our ideals, our differences and similarities, despite a global change.

© Studio Joël Andrianomearisoa